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Arudy Office du tourisme Arudy Office du tourisme Arudy Office du tourisme Arudy Office du tourisme Arudy Office du tourisme Arudy Office du tourisme
. Avril 2017 .
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Welcome to the Vallée d'Ossau


Having reached this part of Béarn, the Ossau Valley, it will surely strike you as one of the most appealing areas on discovering the variety of its landscapes and heritage. A cradle of prehistory, the village of Aruri Eruri, to give it its 13th century name, became Arudy towards the end of the Middle Ages. 

It is a resort for relaxation and rest. 

As an administrative and commercial centre, Arudy has all the essential services and shops you need for a pleasant stay. 

Wander through the streets of Arudy and, thanks to the self-guided tour itinerary of this Ossalois town, discover Arudys urban architecture. 

The traditional habitat of Ossau is adapted to a typical rural economy (cattle, sheep), the transhumance (animal drove) to the mountains in summer, and to the foothills and the Aquitaine plains in winter. 

You will find these rural homes in Arudy, set among the town houses near the church, where the gentry, the craftsmen and the traders lived.

In a land of marble quarries worked since the Renaissance, Arudy presents, through its diverse urban architecture, numerous examples of its manifest building style and skills from the 15th century to the present day. 

Opening hours:

- school holidays: from Monday to Saturday 10 hours at 12:00 am

- except holidays: on Tuesday 10h00-12h00 and on Saturday 10h00-12h00

- holidays summer: on Monday in Saturday, 10 hour 00 at 12:00 am and from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm

Arudy Office du tourisme - Welcome to the Vallée d'Ossau

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